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Quality Control


Control of the quality of Raw material

At this stage, we control the quality of  woods that we need to manufacture your ordered items. We get insured that it is first quality material. Generally, the most used wood is the bloc of  the root. It's the most beautiful, hard, and presents various textures.

Control of manufacture of boxes


The process of manufacture of this kind of thuya boxes is very hard and requires numerous hours of laborious work. It also requires as much as possible of attention and ability.

At this stage, we pay more attention to details of manufacture, such as: measurement, cutting, pieces sorting, collage and assembling which must insure the maximum of resistance to boxes, wire working, painting, finishing, polishing.


Control of decoration

The decoration of thuya boxes must be in accordance with customer's order. Generally all details of designs & patterns are taken into consideration, as much as other products which are used for decoration, such as yellowish or black lime wood, metal wire, paint and pieces of mother-of-pearl.

Control of finishing & polish

The finishing of thuya boxes is done by hand polishing. the process of polishing this kind of boxes, such as all thuya products, is as delicate as their manufacture. In addition to various products used to polish, such as : wax, abrasive paper, alcohol, oil, special gum, cotton & cloth for polishing, the craftsman have to pass on hundreds times the polishing liquid on surfaces of the box, he must do it  with as much as possible of delicateness  until he reach the most shiny polish.





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