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Thuya tree

Thuya tree (pronounced tweeya) is a unique conifer tree related to cedar, grown only in Morocco, precisely in Atlas mountains regions (Essaouira, Azemour, Idaoutanane,...). A sort of evergreen trees, thickly branched, remarkable for the special arrangement of their branches. The rare aromatic hard wood of thuya tree is unique from all kinds of exotic woods.


Thuya wood high quality

The exotic thuya wood, special and luxurious hard wood, is known by its golden brown to red colour spotted with clusters of small dark eyes. Thuya wood special qualities are that it is hard and very dense, sweet-smelling wood, it offers many nice color variations and hundreds of different textures. After polishing, it presents a very nice & shiny polish.


Thuya wood availability

The beautiful and rare wood is not available anywhere, except  in MOROCCO. Therefore, exploitation of this wood is very controlled, as well as its exportation as crude or cut to size wood, which is strictly not allowed. Thuya wood has become strictly regulated by the Moroccan government and very hard to come by.

Thuya wood manufacturers have so much problems to find nice pieces or slabs for their works. The most beautiful, hard, and presenting various textures in thuya wood, is the bloc of  the root, but, unfortunately, because of being under ground for a long time, it presents, in majority  of cases,  many defects such as cracks, porosity caused by water, presence of rocks or bad holes inside...etc. but from the intact blocks of the root, very nice products are made.


Thuya products quality

Most of products made from thuya wood are classified as luxury products, for example some of high class cars accessories are made from this wood, such as trophies, luxurious cigar or pen boxes, luxury package for high class shoes, etc.

The beautiful burled root wood and the limited number of craftsmen creating these products makes them unique and beautiful gifts to be treasured for a longtime.


Thuya products manufacture

The process of manufacture of different kinds of thuya prroducts, is very hard and require numerous hours of laborious work. It also requires as much as possible of attention and ability, specially in wood choosing, measurement, cutting, pieces sorting, design choosing, collage, adjustment of openings, wire working, painting, finishing, and polishing.

The same attention and ability are required for turned products, specially for not to damage the thuya wood blanks, and for making the opening made to measure.


Thuya products decoration

The decoration of thuya products is done using many materials such as :

- Yellowish lime wood which is cut into little pieces of different shapes.

- Black lime wood. This wood, once yellowish, was treated according an amazing process: craftsmen cut lime wood to 0.5 1 cm thick slabs, witch they fry in used to cook fish oil, that they get from restaurants or nearest houses. They have to fry slabs on fire for few hours until yellowish wood becomes black inside & outside. Then, after polishing, it presents a very beautiful polish. (sometimes because of little carelessness, high fire attacks oil & slabs in, then all of them is lost. ).

- Ebony wood, used as little pieces with various shapes.

- Metal wire, which is worked to present various designs ( leaves or different artistic shapes) on the surface of products.

- Paint, specially used to decorate spaces designed with metal wire or yellowish lime wood. Generally thuya craftsmen use red or/and green paint.

- Mother-of-pearl, which is used as little squares or circles. it has a beautiful shiny appearance.


Thuya products polishing

The process of polishing all thuya products, is as delicate as their manufacture. In addition to various products used to polish, such as : wax, abrasive paper, alcohol, oil, lacquer gum, cotton & cloth for polishing, the craftsman has to pass on hundreds times the polishing liquid on surfaces of the piece that he works, he has to do it  with as much as possible of delicateness  until he reach the most shiny polish, clearing in this way the beauty of thuya wood textures .


Our catalog of thuya boxes will show the beauty of

exotic Thuya wood


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