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Quality Control


Control of the quality of Raw material




At this stage, we control the quality of  woods that we need to manufacture your ordered items. We get insured that it is first quality material.


Walnut wood in a wardrobe


 Thuya wood in a box

Control of product's manufacture

At this stage, we pay more attention to details of manufacture, such as : measurement, cutting, collage and assembling which must insure the maximum of resistance, as same as the perfect thickness which is necessary for each piece of furniture, the time necessary for collage and drying of tints & colours, before the final varnish or polish.

Good manufactured Berber door, according the antique style.

Box with  handles and closure in antique Berber style

Control of prints

In general, prints must be done according the antique Berber style. they must be present on the maximum parts of worked products, without forgetting some blanks to insure the necessary balance of spaces on the piece of furniture.

Sometimes, it's necessary to save symmetry in assignment of such and such print or design to such and such space on the worked product.

 Symmetries & good distribution of prints on  surface of a door

Antique style of Berber prints characterized by incoherence & harmony

Control of colouring & dyeing

At this stage, we get insured that tints and/or colours made to finish any product, are same as what the  ordered reference or model. Certainly, a minimum of difference must be tolerated by the customer, because of variation of nuances, colours of worked wood, and the changes that this wood  received during the operations of manufacture.

Very nice harmony between colouring & dyeing

Gradation of tint from the most dark to the most light

Finishing control : varnish & polish

At this stage, we get insured about the quality of drying of tints & colours, before to proceed to the final varnish or polish.


A face of a  door  finished with varnish (shining appearance)

A face of a  door  finished with wax (mat appearance)

Control of mosaic works

We control the quality of mosaics used in Berber decoration, by judging the beauty & harmony of designs, the harmony of colours, the resistance of collage, the perfect polish or varnish, and at last, the right placement of mosaic panels on pieces of furniture or decoration items.

Rough stones & marble mosaic, finished with varnish

Polished mosaic finished by using  polish machine and ironing with the wax.

By the choice of quality

we hope

Satisfying our customers

and guarantee the best  relation quality/price



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