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Raw material : Kinds of  worked wood

The Moroccan forest offers many kinds of domestic & exotic wood, nice to use in construction, manufacture of house furniture and decoration in general.

All worked woods to manufacture our products are first quality of available woods such as : red wood, walnut wood, beech wood, Mahogany...., or of less available woods such as Thuya, the rare wood which is a nowhere to be found exept in Morocco. This exotic wood offers very beautiful decoration items, but it is more and more rare, because of the fact that it is protected by the state, witch controls seriousely the exploitation of Thuya. But In spite of  these constraints, we can satisfy some orders using thuya wood for the pleasure of our customers.

Manufacture of Berber furniture


Manufacture of Berber furniture takes its models from antique Berber furniture & decoration such as it was found in doors, windows, beds, chairs, ceilings, boxes, and other old furniture. Then, this manufacture is diverted to new models of house furniture & decoration of interiors & exteriors, such as  Armchairs & Couches, stairs, screens, Desks, dressing tables, bathroom furniture, restaurants decoration, kitchen furniture,...etc.


Craftsmen of Berber furniture pay more attention to details of manufacture such as measures, cutting, collage and assembling. They respect the appropriate thickness which is necessary for each piece of furniture, so as the necessary time for collage and for drying tints & colours before the final varnish or polish.

Prints & patterns

Berber prints are handworked by craftsmen, The thickness of wooden panels is respected in each kind of home furniture or decoration items.

Most of worked patterns are originally Berber, they are inspired from old prints found on antique Berber home furniture such as doors, windows, boxes, and handcrafted accessories...etc.

The patterns are also inspired from other components of Berber life, such as carpets, pottery, Berber architecture, embroidery, antique jewelry ...etc. Sometimes, Berber craftsmen create new designs and patterns mixing tow or many antique prints, according his own imagination & inspiration.
















Berber prints in an old door

( enlarge photo )

Samples of antique Berber prints and  patterns

Finishing with colouring & dyeing


Pieces of furniture of Berber decoration are finished using colours with domination of green and red colours and their gradations. Tints which are added to finish products, are prepared  according an ancestral process. They give to manufactured product various appearances and colours witch are varied between black, dark brown, light brown and dark gray. The marriage between added tints/colours and the initial colour of worked wood create a very beautiful appearance that  gives out the charm of the antique Berber.

Craftsmen have to respect the technical of preparation of tints and their degree of concentration, as same as the density of colours and the necessary time for drying, before the final process of varnish and polish.




Various tints & colours varied between the most dark to the most light

Finishing with varnish & polish


After coloring or dyeing the item, we proceed to varnish that gives brightness to products, or polish that gives them a mat appearance.

Craftsmen when working pay attention to customer's choices for finishing, as much as the necessary time for item's drying.


Tow parts of surface of tow varnished tables (shining appearance)


Tow parts of surface of tow polished tables (mat appearance)

Mosaics : manufacturing, finishing & use


Mosaic panels are one of the most important elements of decoration of Berber furniture. They are esthetically very prized. They present a nice combination between Roman mosaic and Berber decoration.

Mosaics are handcrafted using small pieces of stones & marble in various colours. The pieces are placed near each other, then they are stacked up together using varied industrial glues or building materials. Finally, after tow or tree days of drying, the sought-after mosaic panel & design is ready.

Mosaics are manufactured according tow ways : rough mosaics and polished mosaics. 

Finishing of rough mosaics is done by varnish that gives out beautiful shining appearance to the worked picture. Whereas finishing of polished mosaics is done by polishing with polish machine and ironing the wax.

Mosaic panels are used to decorate tops, sides & legs of tables, tops & doors of wardrobes, sides of armchairs & couches, tops, sides & doors of boxes, ...etc.



Rough mosaic finished with varnish


Polished mosaic finished by using  polish machine and ironing the wax.


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